Hi, me again, Smart Girl Dawn with my weekly fix of things that inspire, irritate or invigorate.  First, the inspiration…went to shop at our local Target, the one at I-94 and Ann Arbor Road, bought paper supplies, paper towels and toilet tissue.  Well, you know how you buy the big bulky MEGA 24 roll packs and then you can hardly get your arms around them to get them out of the shopping cart?  Brilliant Target has this simple fix…they adhere plastic sack material handles to the top and voila, they are so easy to maneuver!  Great marketing move, Target!

Now my irritation, how many of you have called somewhere with a customer service issue only to have the customer service person on the other end of the phone line (probably the other end of the world!) not be able to resolve your issue because they are not empowered to resolve issues; either you need to call another number or you must speak with a supervisor …as if that is not unpleasant enough, the insult to injury comes when they ask you “Is there anything else I can help you with?”  WHAT?  You did not help me with the initial issue so how do you expect me to answer that question.  Really…companies, can we just remove that from the “script” and replace with something that isn’t quite as offensive sounding to the customer?   PLEASE!