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Avoid Hiring Headaches

Have you ever really considered how much it costs your company to hire a new employee? By the time you post an expensive ad on the Internet, shuffle through dozens of lackluster resumes, schedule interviews, and perform background and criminal checks, you’ve already spent a lot of valuable time and money that could have flowed to the bottom line.

We make the hiring process more efficient by pre-qualifying candidates for you. Every candidate we refer goes through a series of phone interviews and skills assessments.

Most importantly, our staffing service is rendered on a contingency basis, meaning it costs you absolutely nothing to interview the candidates we refer. You only pay a fee if a candidate works for you or an affiliate within one year of our most recent communication with them.


of a company's payroll expenses go toward employee benefits

Temporary Smart Staffers

Whether your staffing needs are a day, a week, or a longer-term assignment, we can provide you with leasing and maintenance professionals who are trained, polished, and ready to produce. Our Smart Staffers have been Fair Housing trained, and have gone through our own internal leasing and fair housing training.

Each Smart Staffer has also had their previous employment histories verified, and their references and criminal background checked. They’ve also had an in-person interview, as well as a skills assessment test.

Direct Hires

Each Smart Hires we refer has gone through a face-to-face interview with us. They’re asked about their background and skills, as well as their short-term and long-term goals, strengths, weaknesses, and much more that’s pertinent to the hiring process.

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number of dollars it takes to become a Smart Staffer

Become A Smart Staffer

Congratulations on your Smart Choice to join Smart Apartment Solutions. Rest assured, the Smart Team is here to make certain that this career move is the smartest thing you’ve done for your career yet. As with any major life choice, all parties need to have high expectations of the process.