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Get Smart

A resident’s decision to stay or go mainly depends on how satisfied they are with the customer service at your apartment community. With so much riding on staff interactions, your service department’s performance is critical to your success. That’s why we provide your staff with hands-on, interactive training that helps them improve a variety of soft skills, including time management, organization, supervision, inventory control, and communication.


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Get Smart Workshops

Just like the buildings you manage, it takes more than bricks and sticks to lay a solid foundation. We are committed to providing thoughtful solutions to all of your service teams’ occupancy challenges, whether they be technical, managerial, or leadership-related. Our curriculum provides hands-on, interactive training to address the following soft skills:

  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Workspace organization
  • Task efficiencies
  • Industry best practices
  • Staff motivation and supervision
  • Priority setting
  • Communication

Smart Coaching & Mentoring

It’s important to protect the steep investment you’ve made to recruit and hire a new staff member, and the first few weeks of employment, in particular, set the stage for success. To ensure that those early days go smoothly, enroll new staffers in our Smart Tools class.

With the help of Nace Hicks and Deon Matthews, work with your staff to develop the specific skills your community needs. Nace and Deon have a wide variety of expertise and are certified in several technical, maintenance, and management areas.


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