Written by Smart Girl Makita Bonner, posted by Smart Chick Megan

The first step is to understand you must have strong communication with your contracting agency, after all, they are the ones signing your paycheck and managing the relationship with your new employer to be. Keeping the lines of communication open, lets your contracting agency know if you like the work, the work environment and if you would welcome the idea of direct hire from your soon to be employer. This sets the mood and prepares the contracting agency so if asked, it’s already known that, yes you are open to permanent employment.
It’s okay to express your concerns too about wanting permanent employment to your contracting agency; most Smart Staffers end game is looking for a full time guaranteed job. After your contracting agency & new employer talk about your employment opportunities, it’s important that you also communicate about any other conversations you have had about wages or benefits; remember, your contracting agency can negotiate you a fair wage or better benefit package, rather than you negotiating for yourself, and potentially leaving money on the table.
Lastly, once you have accepted your new permanent job, be smart, read the employee handbook carefully, and understand the differences between being an employee and your formal independent contractor status. Talk to the current employees you work with and get their point of view and experience when they were hired in, this gives you an idea on how the company will treat you.