Marketing experts recognize the power of video, and let’s revisit why it’s so crucial. In 2022, video accounted for 82% of global internet traffic, with 86% of marketing firms reporting it as their top sales converter. Now, let’s shift our focus to animated images, commonly known as GIFs, and the impact they can have in bite-sized video snippets.

Giphy, for instance, boasts an impressive 1.7 billion daily active users, making it a dynamic platform to boost engagement and brand visibility. That’s a substantial audience and an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your brand.

Gifs allow you to bring the power of video to the comment section in Facebook groups or when replying to a post or message in direct message features. Since I started using gifs to reply or comment to posts and messages, I have seen a huge increase in engagement and responses back. The gifs catch the reader’s eye quicker than text, can bring back personality or humor in unexpected places and if that can also be tied back to your brand that’s a win win.

Considering the proven power of video in the rental property management market, it’s surprising that so few apartment marketing professionals utilize GIFs. Our assumption is that there’s a misconception about what GIFs are and how to customize them for your brand.

If you’re like I was, thinking that GIFs are only for personal use on social media, you’ll want to join Izzy and I on October 31st at 1 pm EST for our FREE workshop, ‘Get Giphy With It!