In Smart Apartment Solutions’ advanced leasing workshop, “You Had Me at Hello,” we dive deep into all things leasing and help you fine-tune your leasing skills. The session begins by exploring a study conducted by, which sheds light on the alarming trend of leasing calls going unanswered in our industry. The study reveals that a significant percentage of calls are going to voicemail, with prospective renters rarely leaving a message.

Additionally, we delve into the world of internet listing services and community websites, discussing what renters seek on these platforms and how you can optimize your online presence to advance the leasing process. We also tackle the issue of unanswered internet listing inquiries from prospective residents. Finally, we wrap up the first section of the workshop by exploring best practices for written communication and introducing tools to help leasing professionals excel in this area while on the go.

In the second section of “You Had Me at Hello,” we explore the power of DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) personality profiling. Participants either complete their own DISC assessment before the session or take a condensed version during the class. This allows them to understand their behavioral characteristics and their “fight or flight” responses. The goal is to help leasing professionals identify their own and others’ behavioral traits and leverage this knowledge to personalize interactions with customers and create a tailored resident journey.

In section 3, we dive into the art of product demonstration, emphasizing the importance of highlighting the future benefits of our tools, such as floor plans and interactive floor plans. We explore ways to use these tools to showcase our properties at their best and challenge leasing professionals to get creative in their approach. One fun activity we play is the “Floor Plan Activity: Room by Room,” which encourages participants to focus on future benefits and come up with innovative names for each room, moving beyond the standard “bathroom” and “bedroom.”
We’ll conclude section 3 by discussing the importance of identifying needs and effectively addressing prospects’ objections.

In section 4, we’ll focus on closing the sale, starting with the “always be closing” philosophy in leasing. We’ll cover essential points, such as the optimal location for touring based on floor plan size, the best ways to demonstrate your product, and the ideal positioning for closing the sale.

We’ll wrap up section 4 by discussing the qualification process, the application, and the increasing challenges of identifying fraud during the application phase. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how to fine-tune their leasing skills and create a seamless, personalized experience for their prospects, leading to more successful closures.

In section 5 of the “You Had Me at Hello” workshop, we focus on the fun and importance of follow-up and marketing. We’ll discuss how following up can lead to more sales, citing statistics that show that most sales occur after the eighth to twelfth contact. We’ll also explore the best days and times for follow-ups and share fun ways to make the process more enjoyable.

Additionally, we’ll delve into the power of video as a tool for enhancing resident retention and marketing efforts. We’ll discuss strategies for effective outreach and retention, including daily practices that can be implemented at your community.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the session with “Multifamily Math and the Leasing Impact on the Bottom Line.” In this section, we’ll examine leasing’s role in driving revenue, maintaining occupancy, and exploring conversations that are crucial to ownership. If this advanced leasing class sounds like a great fit for your leasing team, let’s chat. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and help your team succeed!