The efforts made by leasing teams to remove obstacles and simplify the process for prospective renters can greatly impact their experience. Recent studies show that even after the pandemic, tools like virtual tours, self-guided tours, and interactive floor plans have cemented their place in the industry, with their popularity rising sharply in the early 2020s and continuing to grow due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. Creative use of these tools has become a hallmark of successful leasing professionals, who have adapted to this technology and leveraged it to enhance the leasing process for renters.

At Smart Moves, our property management firm, we quickly embraced these technologies in 2020. Our utilization of virtual tour processes, including the innovative use of apps like Clips, TikTok, and QR code integration, reflects our commitment to adopting cutting-edge tools to improve the customer experience.

Two video platform companies, SalesMail and ReaLync, are transforming the apartment industry with their innovative solutions. SalesMail allows for the creation of personalized video messages that can be seamlessly embedded into email templates, enabling effortless communication with customers. Similarly, ReaLync offers pre-recorded video templates and live video chat capabilities, providing instant engagement without the need for downloads or registrations. Remarkably, ReaLync data reveals that some users have successfully closed sales over the phone, highlighting the effectiveness of live virtual tours in building trust and accelerating the sales process.

Interactive floor plans, once considered cost-prohibitive, have become more accessible due to advancements in technology and AI. These tools have seen a surge in usage, particularly in communities where physical showings are limited. Clients can virtually explore floor plans, customize elements like furniture arrangement, and experience a sense of personalization in their journey. Studies show a strong correlation between the use of interactive floor plans and increased sales closings, highlighting the importance of personalized experiences in the leasing process.

Mini models, although not a new concept, have experienced a resurgence in recent years. Companies like Charter Furniture offer affordable mini model packages, enabling the creation of modern, stylish displays that resonate with contemporary design trends. These mini models provide a convenient and effective way for prospective renters to visualize the layout and features of an apartment unit, further enhancing the leasing experience.

During in-person demonstrations, knowing how to effectively showcase a community’s best features and strategically positioning oneself within the apartment is essential. Utilizing callouts, such as message bubbles on windows or mirrors, can draw attention to unique aspects of the apartment. Additionally, integrating QR codes can provide interactive experiences like seasonal slideshows or information on upcoming updates.

Furthermore, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the apartment, community, and surrounding neighborhoods enhances the connection with prospective residents. Transparency is paramount; if unsure about specific details, following up with accurate information is vital to building trust and fostering a strong relationship.

By leveraging innovative tools and strategies, leasing professionals can create a memorable and engaging apartment demonstration experience. This not only leaves a positive impression on prospective renters but also increases the likelihood of converting them into residents.