As we geared up for our monthly in-person training for prospective Smart Staffers entering the Residential Property Management (RPM) industry, it became evident that our leasing training needed a substantial boost. Our recruits, many of whom were new to the industry, were not performing well in their mystery shops. Recognizing the need for a more robust foundation, I took it upon myself to revamp our leasing training curriculum, shaping it around the resident life cycle.

The journey begins with the crucial aspect of first impressions. The impact of our online curb appeal on property and company websites, as well as Internet Listing Services (ILS’s), cannot be overstated. Responding promptly, answering client queries, and skillfully closing the sale by securing commitments for property visits, virtual tours, or applications set the stage for success.

Responding to Internet leasing inquiries is a pivotal component. Data reveals that a timely response significantly increases the likelihood of securing commitments for property tours by over 50%. The phone, often an underutilized tool, plays a vital role in this process, and we delve into strategies to leverage it effectively. Through various tools in our toolkit, we strive to create a winning experience for prospective residents, and we emphasize the importance of this early on.

Moving beyond initial interactions, we explore the art of information gathering through conversation. Crafting a custom tour experience, both online and in person, becomes a hallmark of a leasing professional. Asking for the close is a mantra we instill, recognizing its impact on exponentially increasing the closing ratio.

In markets where renters have abundant choices, a substantial portion of sales doesn’t occur at the first contact. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of not just overcoming objections but actively seeking them out. Introducing the art of follow-up, we highlight its significance in the sales cycle.

The leasing process is more than answering leads and showing apartments; it’s about community-building and contributing to a thriving environment. To achieve this, a keen focus on marketing, resident retention, and maintaining the physical and financial health of multi-million dollar assets is paramount. Essential tools like checklists for application processing, opening and closing duties, walking show apartments, and marketing essentials such as the power of video, mini models, and wow fridges are introduced.

Recognizing that leasing is a vital part of the resident experience cycle, we have been presenting the ABC’s of Leasing to industry newcomers since 2017. The response has been remarkable, with nearly 1,000 views from our new smart staffers and smart clients who have embraced our on-demand and in person education tools for their onboarding processes. Feedback from students and clients alike has shown increased confidence in understanding the day-to-day duties and impact of leasing.

Our aspiration is to inspire leasing professionals, both new and seasoned, to refine their skills. We believe that honing these skills will open doors to exciting opportunities within the RPM industry. If you have new leasing education needs, Smart is eager to discuss our comprehensive workshop options, including ABC’s of Leasing, You Had Me At Hello, Happily Ever After, SMARketing, and more, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Let’s chat about how Smart can elevate your leasing expertise and contribute to your success in the RPM industry.