Solution Goal:To help students prioritize what’s most important in their lives.


Introduction (5 minutes): Begin by explaining the concept of Big Rocks and how it relates to time management and prioritization. Share Stephen Covey’s analogy of fitting Big Rocks (most important tasks) into a jar before adding smaller pebbles (less important tasks).

Brainstorming (10 minutes): Ask students to brainstorm and make a list of things that are most important to them. This can include personal, academic, and career-related aspects. Encourage them to think broadly.

Prioritization (10 minutes): Instruct students to review their lists and assign a priority level to each item. They should identify their “Big Rocks” – the most important items on the list.

Discussion (10 minutes): Have a group discussion where students share their Big Rocks and explain why they consider them crucial. This can be a reflective and insightful activity.

Action Plan (10 minutes): Challenge students to create an action plan to ensure they allocate time and effort to their Big Rocks. They should consider how to fit these into their daily or weekly schedules.

Reflection (10 minutes):
Finally, ask students to reflect on the exercise. What did they learn about their priorities and how they manage their time? Are there any adjustments they want to make?

This exercise can help students become more aware of their priorities and develop better time management skills, ultimately leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

This exercise is designed to fill a 60 minute time slot with the opportunity to take a break after Prioritization.