Smart Solutions: To help individuals prioritize and focus on what’s most important in their life.


Self-Reflection (10 minutes): Begin by setting aside some quiet time for self-reflection. Ask the individual to think about the various aspects of their life, including personal, professional, and social, and what truly matters to them.

List Your Priorities (15 minutes): Have the individual make a list of the most important things, goals, and responsibilities in their life. Encourage them to be specific and comprehensive.

Prioritization (10 minutes): Instruct the individual to review their list and assign a priority level to each item. They should identify their “Big Rocks” – the most significant and non-negotiable priorities.

Discussion (15 minutes): If the individual feels comfortable, they can discuss their Big Rocks with a trusted friend, family member, or mentor to gain additional insights.

Action Plan (10 minutes): Challenge the individual to create an action plan for each of their Big Rocks. How can they allocate time, effort, and resources to ensure these priorities are addressed?

Regular Review (10 minutes): Emphasize the importance of regularly reviewing and adjusting their priorities as life circumstances change.

This exercise can help an individual gain clarity about their most important priorities and guide them in making informed decisions and managing their time effectively. This exercise is designed to fill a 60 minute time slot with the opportunity to take a break after Prioritization.