This past summer, during a national conference attended by over 10,000 industry colleagues, a salesperson from a well-known brand approached me while I was engrossed in conversation at our trade show booth. She casually mentioned having come across a sticker featuring me in someone’s Instagram Stories. Several weeks later, she excitedly told me about encountering another person who had used our ‘Wow’ GIF in a comment within a multifamily Facebook group.

Later on, my cousin, who resides in New York City, sent me an Instagram screenshot of my reaction sticker featured in a Story she had viewed. Playfully, she referred to me as a celebrity due to her following a world-famous dermatologist who had employed another reaction GIF featuring me shaking my fist in mock displeasure.

It’s always a delightful surprise when clients, industry colleagues, or family members enthusiastically share where they’ve encountered Smart Chick Megan or the Smart Apartment Solutions stickers and GIFs across various platforms. It serves as a reminder of the widespread reach of GIFs, even on platforms we might not frequently visit. If GIFs are accessible, then they’re being used.
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