Did you know that you can insert gifs into your emails and digital newsletters? We understand that video is a powerful tool for brand exposure, but it’s not always inbox-friendly. Large video files can sometimes be too much for email recipients or even trigger spam filters. GIFs come to the rescue! GIFs are animated images that play repeatedly, similar to a flipbook, but they don’t consume as much space as an MP4 file.

At Smart, we utilize multiple email marketing platforms, allowing us to easily search for GIFs and insert them directly into our email newsletters, just like we do with images. We appreciate the ability to infuse humor, movement, and personality into our content. As we started incorporating our own Smart GIFs into our GIPHY account, the popularity of these GIFs made them even more accessible within our email platforms’ ‘insert GIF’ functions. This enables us to maintain our brand identity while adding life to various topics and promotions.

I try to put at least two gifs in each newsletter, one in the middle and one at the end so that it can help break up the text and still images, and make sure the readers eyes are being led through the entire email. Since we always have talent available to work at apartment communities, we will create different images based on the season with the talent we have available at the time. We then add animation to that image in Canva and take the MP4 and create a gif in our Giphy account so the message stays consistent, but the moving image is always changing from week to week.

If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate movement into your email marketing, attracting millions of eyes to your brand, then you won’t want to miss our FREE workshop, ‘Get Giphy With It,’ on October 31st at 1 pm EST.