In the world of customer service, effective communication holds immense power. It can shape the entire experience, leaving a lasting impact on both the service provider and the customer.
Today, we will delve into a remarkable personal story that exemplifies the significance of communication through roadmapping. Join us as we recount the unforgettable experience of our founder, Smart Girl Dawn, during a fateful night at the hospital. Her story vividly demonstrates how roadmapping transformed her hospital journey and underscores its relevance in delivering exceptional customer service.

One Sunday afternoon, Smart Girl Dawn (my mom and founder of Smart) and I, were attending a baby shower when Dawn began to feel strange. Hours later, she found herself being rushed to the emergency room at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. After nearly 16 hours in the ER, she received varying explanations for her condition, including the possibility of a stroke or her eye socket separating—an array of terrifying scenarios.

Amid the uncertainty and fear that pervaded the hospital room, a distinct memory remains etched in Dawn’s mind. Exhausted, she attempted to rest in her hospital bed, while I dozed off in a chair nearby. It was around 1 PM when the door abruptly swung open, flooding the room with light, and the curtain snapped back. An attendant entered, hastily grabbing Dawn’s arm to test her blood as she is diabetic. The attendant also checked her vitals and chastised her, stating that her distress was harming her health. Abruptly, the attendant finished her tasks, switched off the lights, closed the curtain, and left, leaving a sense of unease in her wake.

Hours later, another attendant awakened us, but this time the approach was starkly different. The attendant quietly knocked on the door, seeking permission to enter. After obtaining consent, she asked if it was alright to turn on the lights, considerate of Dawn’s eyes adjusting. With permission granted, she gently opened the curtain. Speaking in a calm tone, the attendant explained each step of the vital check process, assuring Dawn throughout. Surprisingly, her vitals were in good shape. This moment gave me goosebumps as I realized the transformative power of roadmapping—the act of talking through a process.

Dawn had a stroke in her eye and was given a 6 month recovery to full sight…. she reached full recovery in 90 days. 🙂

The Impact of Roadmapping on Customer Service Dawn’s story serves as a compelling reminder of how roadmapping can shape customer service experiences. By providing a clear roadmap of actions and communicating effectively, service providers can create a stark contrast between good and bad customer service.

Roadmapping involves:
1. Seeking permission: Respectfully asking for consent before proceeding demonstrates empathy and consideration.
2. Step-by-step communication: Articulating each stage of the process keeps customers informed and engaged.
3. Reassurance and empathy: Offering assurance and addressing concerns help build trust and comfort.
4. Understanding the customer’s condition: Assessing and acknowledging the customer’s emotional state allows for tailored interactions.

Dawn’s experience illuminated the potential of roadmapping in customer service. The attendant who took the time to communicate clearly and empathetically made a profound impact, transforming what could have been a distressing encounter into a reassuring and comforting one.

Dawn’s hospital experience vividly showcases the power of roadmapping in customer service interactions. By guiding customers through a process with clear communication, empathy, and reassurance, service providers can transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Roadmapping helps build trust, enhance understanding, and create a positive and memorable connection with customers. Let Dawn’s story be a reminder of the profound impact communication can have and inspire us to embrace roadmapping as a tool to deliver exceptional customer service.

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