I was born and raised in this beautiful state of Michigan and the winters of my childhood always seemed extra snowy and bitter cold, so these past few years have been like paradise by comparison. While I’m convinced Global Warming or the more politically correct, Climate Change is a skeptical proposition, I do often marvel at the “dumbing down” of Michigan winters. I mean we can’t even claim the “hearty Michigander” moniker anymore and that’s something we were all proud of. Heck, we had high 80 degrees temps a couple of weeks ago…IN A MICHIGAN MARCH NO LESS! Unheard of. BUT as TRUE Michiganders, we all knew in the back of our collective minds that it was just a cruel joke from Old Man Winter…a silly pause in the true intent of that nasty old man. So while the warm winds and sprouting peonies turned a page in our winter minds, we weren’t really fooled and sure enough, a spitting of snow greeted my ride home with its familiar intensity.  SO, what does Spring mean? Another season of glorious change and peeping frogs. Flowers and plants making their annual appearance up through the mulchy soil and the state awakening to the shortest pleasure it can give its weary residents….regardless if we need it or not.  And for that, I am very grateful.