Summer is here and with it come the demands of summer property management – pool safety, air conditioning maintenance and resident activities. Don’t sweat it – we’ve got a list of everything you need to do to be prepared so you don’t feel the heat this summer.

  • The rising summer temperatures also mean rising utility bills. Here are some tips to make sure central air conditioning units are in optimal condition for your tenants.
  • Change the filters. Ideally, this should be happening every few months but if you’re a bit behind make sure to cross this task off your list before the units start getting used daily.
  • Clean the vents. If you have enough staff, maintenance might be able to do this. Otherwise, you could send a notice to tenants explaining the benefits of clean vents to their summer utility bills. A third option is to hire a professional duct cleaning service for a complete sweep of the duct work.
  • Hire an HVAC tech to inspect all the units. If you have older units they can check for leaks and ensure fluid levels are optimal. Additionally, HVAC techs can calibrate thermostats and inspect all electrical controls and coils.
  • If your properties have window units you’ll want to check the following:
  • Clean the filter. Just pop out the front grill and remove any debris, dust or mold with warm soapy water and bleach.
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils. Any debris lodged in the unit will impede air flow. Use a vacuum attachment or plastic scrub brush to remove any dirt and debris.
  • Straighten the fins. Over time, the se can get bent and damaged. Most hardware stores will have a fin comb to easily straighten them.  


Summer also means swimming and swimming means safety concerns. Most property managers first think of the physical safety of their swimming areas – slippery surfaces, safe pool ladders and diving boards, etc., but keeping tenants safe starts with safe pool water. Depending on how heavily your pool is used, the water should be tested at least every morning, evening, and at peak usage times. High temperatures can also change the water chemistry so it is crucial to use test strips frequently. Chemical imbalances can also erode pool equipment and damage the finish and grout inside the pool.

Resident Activities

With kids out of school and summer vacations, why not offer some additional resident activities this summer? Offer activities that will appeal to everyone. A start of summer or end of summer barbeque is a great way to increase resident interaction. Ice cream socials are sure to attract any tenant. If you allow pets, you could offer a pet pool party for a chance to let the pooches cool off. For the residents who prefer indoor activities a night of bingo could be a fun alternative.  


As always, it’s important to keep open lines of communication with your tenants. Make sure to send out notices and reminders about any changes to the property as well as rules and expectations. Post pool rules in all common areas and at the main office. Remind residents that if they’ll be gone for extended periods of time to turn off lights and unplug all appliances. If you have assigned parking spaces, send out reminders that visitors and guests need to use appropriate parking spaces that aren’t assigned to somebody else. The more your residents are aware of the guidelines the more enjoyable the summer will be for everyone.