Millennials want fast, easy and unique! Let me back up, do we all know who the Millennials are? Well for those who don’t Millennials as a generation are larger than the baby boomers and Gen X combined. They currently are making there way through High School and College and find email passe`. We in the apartment industry are facing the challenges much like many businesses with how to market to this generation and more importantly how to keep there short attention span. According to the Smart Girls at Smart Apartment Solutions it is imperative to make your product as customizable as possible. Communicate through social media venues such as #foursquare, #twitter, #facebook, and #text messaging. In the apartment industry make sure your apartment homes are easily wi-fi accessible and have the capabilities for good cell phone reception, Millennials will stop fast at a lost signal. Another very important mention is that with Millennials you not only need to market to them and their technology savvy ways but you also need to make sure you are marketing to their parents. Millennials rely on their #helicopter parents to make nearly every important decision they contemplate. I once toured a Millennial and their parents multiple times through the same apartment measuring every nook and cranny and testing nearly every outlet with a GFI tester before they even considered applying. There are more great ideas in the article “Do You Speak Millennial?” By the Smart Girls. Good luck and happy marketing!

“Do You Speak Millennial?”  follow this link: