In the competitive market of apartment rentals, follow-up with prospective residents is a crucial component for success. Studies have shown that consumers often require multiple contacts, ranging from 8 to 12, before making a final decision. Recognizing this, Smart Apartment Solutions utilizes an innovative approach called the DISC assessment, which helps leasing teams identify characteristics in themselves, their coworkers, and their customers. By customizing the sales process based on these characteristics, apartment communities can enhance their leasing awesomeness and maximize resident engagement.

Understanding the DISC Assessment:
The DISC assessment is a valuable tool used by Smart Apartment Solutions to analyze behavioral styles and preferences. It categorizes individuals into four primary characteristics: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Each characteristic represents distinct traits and communication styles that can be leveraged to create a tailored approach when following up with prospective residents.

1. Engaging the “D” Characteristic:
Prospective residents with a dominant (D) characteristic appreciate a direct and action-oriented approach. When following up, leasing professionals can focus on presenting facts, emphasizing the benefits of the community, and employing a confident and assertive tone. Quick and decisive closing actions will resonate with this type of individual.

2. Connecting with the “I” Characteristic:
Individuals with an influential (I) characteristic thrive on social interaction and desire excitement. When following up with these prospective residents, a more conversational approach is effective. Leasing professionals can highlight the community’s amenities, unique features, and social aspects. Emphasizing how living in the community will make them the envy of their friends can significantly capture their interest.

3. Building Trust with the “S” Characteristic:
Prospective residents with a steady (S) characteristic value a sense of security and desire a friendly and relaxed environment. When following up, leasing professionals should take a less direct approach, focusing on building rapport and establishing trust. Utilizing ice breakers, highlighting community benefits such as courtesy patrol, and addressing any concerns they may have will help them feel more at ease.

4. Catering to the “C” Characteristic:
Individuals with a conscientious (C) characteristic are detail-oriented and require more information before making decisions. When following up, leasing professionals should be prepared for a longer sales cycle. Addressing their questions, providing detailed information about the apartment, and addressing their pro’s and con’s list will help them feel more confident and satisfied with their decision-making process.

Customized Follow-Up Strategies:
In addition to understanding the DISC characteristics, customizing follow-up strategies based on individual preferences can greatly enhance prospective resident engagement. Leasing teams can create personalized videos showcasing specific apartment home characteristics that align with the resident’s DISC profile.

1. Highlighting Upgrades and Exclusivity for the “I” Characteristic:
For individuals with an influential (I) characteristic, personalized videos can showcase the apartment upgrades, stylish features, and amenities that will make them the talk of their social circle. Emphasizing how their friends will envy their living arrangements creates a sense of exclusivity and excitement.

2. Providing Detailed Features for the “C” Characteristic:
Prospective residents with a conscientious (C) characteristic value detailed information. In personalized videos, leasing professionals can highlight specific features like a hot water tank with a quick recovery time, ample outlets in the kitchen, or the walk-in closet’s capacity for 1,200 hangers. By addressing their need for information, leasing teams can instill confidence and meet their decision-making requirements.

Follow-up is an essential part of the leasing process in apartment communities. By leveraging the DISC assessment and customizing follow-up strategies based on individual characteristics, leasing teams can enhance prospective resident engagement and increase their chances of securing leases. Smart Apartment Solutions’ approach of maximizing leasing awesomeness through personalized communication and tailored sales processes is a powerful tool in the competitive rental market.