Apartment demonstrations play a crucial role in leasing and sales training within the rental property management industry. A skilled salesperson understands that an apartment demonstration entails much more than simply unlocking the door and letting the prospect explore the space. It is an interactive experience, where the leasing consultant actively engages the client during the tour, allowing them to envision themselves as residents. In our comprehensive training session, “You Had Me at Hello: Maximizing Your Leasing Awesomeness,” we dedicate an entire segment to apartment demonstrations, focusing on a key element: strategic positioning within the apartment and its impact on the prospect’s perception.

While some leasing consultants guide the prospective resident room by room, showcasing each feature and opening doors, others prefer to give the prospect some privacy in the living room, allowing them to inspect their potential new home independently. Neither approach is inherently wrong, as it ultimately depends on the consultant’s personal style. However, it is important to note that there are specific areas within a small apartment where the leasing consultant should avoid standing.

To assist with this, we have created an apartment demonstration floor plan that highlights these areas.

  1. The “No” signs indicate where it is not advisable to stand or join the client on the tour. These areas are smaller and can create a sense of limited space when additional people are present.
  2. On the other hand, the “Green checkmark” indicates rooms where it is perfectly acceptable to join the client. These areas are more spacious and can comfortably accommodate multiple individuals without feeling crowded.
  3. We have also included a “Yellow yield” symbol, indicating rooms where the leasing consultant should exercise their best judgment on whether to join the client. Keep in mind that floor plans may vary, with larger areas generally being more suitable for joining the client, while smaller areas may not be.
  4. Lastly, we have marked a “Yellow star” to indicate the optimal spot for closing the sale. This location is right in front of the door, ensuring that the leasing consultant does not forget to ask for the prospect’s commitment. Typically, this room is the largest in the apartment, making it an ideal place for important decisions to be made when the client feels most at home.

    We encourage you to utilize this floor plan during your team’s training sessions. By incorporating these strategic positioning techniques, your leasing consultants can enhance the apartment demonstration experience, effectively engaging prospects and increasing the likelihood of securing leases. Remember, successful leasing goes beyond unlocking doors; it involves creating a memorable and immersive journey for your clients.