By Smart Girl Makita Bonner-Staffing Coordinator & Director of First Impressions!

Being a great Smart Staffer is all in the preparation of understanding the expectations of your daily job duties. Whether you are in the Leasing or the Maintenance field here are a few tips to be successful on your first day being a Smart Staffer. Leasing Smart Staffers should always dress business professional and show up prepared to show vacant apartment homes, answer phones in the office and complete basic administrative tasks; always paying attention to details and completing all tasks requested by your site supervisor in a timely manner.

Maintenance Smart Staffer should show up dressed in their Smart blue crew t-shirt with black dickie crew work pants. Ready to perform basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning the property grounds free from trash or debris. Completing resident work orders and providing great customer service with a can do attitude. Of course in the words of Woody Allen showing up is 80 percent. On time of course the rest with a positive attuide will come.

Smart Staffers