Fall and winter might not be the busiest for property managers in terms of new business; however, this time of year is packed full of holidays that are perfect opportunities to engage all the residents in your rental community in family-friendly events and contests that are sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces. With Halloween right around the corner now is the perfect time to start planning some spooktacular events that every resident will enjoy. Don’t worry, we’ve made the tricky decisions for you and have put together a list of creative and fun ways to celebrate this holiday. We know there are few things scarier than unhappy residents. So pull out all the stops with your holiday programming and you’ll be sure to have happy residents who will spread the word about the magic of your rental community.


No Halloween celebration would be complete without trick-or-treating. This event works particularly well in communities with a large percentage of families. Children wait all year for that one day when they can eat as much candy as they want and you can be sure to put smiles on their faces with a community wide trick-or-treating night. Keep in mind that not every resident will be able or willing to participate in this event. To prevent any frustration, make some type of flyer or symbol that residents who don’t wish to participate can put on their doors as  way to let those who are participating know that they should move on to the next door. You can take this idea a step further and have residents who do wish to participate post symbols or flyers on their doors letting trick-or-treaters know that they offer allergy-friendly treats and non-food items as well.


Costume Contest and Exchange

Part of the excitement of this holiday is getting to dress up and pretend to be somebody else for one night. Costumes are a Halloween tradition and this is a perfect opportunity to let residents show off their creative sides by having a costume contest. Make sure to offer a prize incentive as a way to encourage maximum participation. The prizes don’t have to be large but can be something as simple as gift cards, a coveted parking space, or even a few dollars off of next month’s rent. As an extension of the costume contest, it might be a good idea to host a costume exchange as well. Not only is this a great opportunity for residents to get to know each other, but it also provides them with an opportunity to clean out their closets and may even give some residents a chance to participate in the costume contest if they weren’t able to afford a costume from a retail store. 

Movie Night

Another low-cost, simple resident engagement idea is to host a family movie night. Hang a few fake spider webs and spooky decorations, provide some light refreshments such as beverages, popcorn, and some sweet treats, and play a classic family-friendly Halloween movie. This will give families something to do in the evening and also target those residents that might not be interested in the other, more labor-intensive Halloween festivities such as trick-or-treating and costume contests

Decorating Contest/Party

Perhaps you have some residents who don’t have children and therefore don’t want to participate in most of the Halloween events you’re offering. In an effort to include all your residents why not offer a door, balcony, or patio decorating contest? This is a great way to decorate your entire community and will be absolutely no cost to you. If you don’t want to have a contest, consider hosting a decorating party. Residents can bring any craft supplies and decorations they have and get to know each other while they turn your rental community into a ghoulish ghost town sure to impress everyone.

However you decide to celebrate this Halloween it is important to remember that above all else, safety comes first. Along with the fun of this holiday also comes several potential hazards including unsafe décor, darting children, and low visibility. Be sure that all walkways are clean and well-lit and that all events adhere to fire codes. Most of all, have fun. Celebrating holidays is one way to create a sense of goodwill between the property management staff and the residents and can go a long way in creating a strong community.