Nowadays, marketing apartments to a local community isn’t always easy. It is a herculean task that many apartment managers struggle with but know is 100% necessary. Potential renters are wanting the total package when it comes to their homes, so it is more important than ever for your apartments to be doing Apartment Outreach Marketing.

But, what exactly is this Outreach Marketing? It is simply about being proactive to find new renters, connecting with local businesses to offer more value to them and your apartment community, and establishing your apartment community as the must live place in the community because it is so beloved and gives the local community the best residents.

Below are some effective and efficient Outreach Marketing ideas to attract Apartment Communities quickly/

1. Involve Your Tenants on the Property


The best way to reach out to the community is to organize an event on your property. The main reason that the people must be staying away, and you are not getting enough references is the lesser community involvement. As it is said, “The community that eats together, lives together.” Therefore, organizing a great event where everyone gets the chance to mingle at the property will provide the newer prospects to know more about the company. This does not look like salesy at all but the involvement in the fun-filled atmosphere with current renters remembering how much they love the community you have designed for them.

2. Advertising through Social Media

Using Social Media, specifically ads, really allows for your to target your ideal renter and show them what you have to offer. This cost effective marketing option will allow you to easily target the location, demographics, and interest of potential renters by reaching out to them through Instagram and Facebook. Social media ads are an affordable way to connect with your perfect renter for as little as $5 a day.

3. Giving Back to the Local Community

This is also one of the best ways to start by connecting with the community. You can get involved with the events or social work with your local community and even other communities as well. Your company can collaborate with other social groups. This will make a great impact on potential renters. They will be able to connect the strings that your apartment community cares about more than just filling empty apartments, but really want a strong and thriving community.

4. Building Relationships with Other Businesses

Why keep your brand to one place? Get out there and start building relationships with the local businesses. This way, you will be able to not only become an expert in your neighborhood, but build good word mouth with the community. Here are some aspiring businesses that can become your advocates once they trust you.

  • Moving Companies
  • Banking Institutions
  • Real Estate agents or companies
  • Gyms
  • Self-storage Companies

5. Offering Community Incentives To New Renters

For those who sign a new lease with you, offer them a Welcome Basket or a coupon book with all the local goodies, places and more. Make sure to include a map so your new renters knows where to go to enjoy the new community they have joined.

Outreach marketing is the best way to stand out in today’s competitive rental property market. If you are looking for creative ways to market to your local community for your property, don’t hesitate to give Smart Apartment Solutions a call.