A property manager’s job never ends and this includes marketing your property. Different seasons bring with them different concerns as well as different needs of your potential renters. Although you’re likely right in the middle of summer activities, now is a good time to start planning ahead for some fall marketing ideas. Don’t worry, we know you-you’re busy so we have plenty of fall marketing ideas to give you a head start on the season.

Your properties are each unique in some way. It’s your job to find their appeal and showcase that uniqueness to the wider community. Be innovative – the more tactics you try the more likely you’ll succeed in finding long-term renters who will spread the word for you.

With fall comes Halloween and all the festivities that accompany that holiday. Why not offer a pumpkin carving event at your complex? This type of activity will encourage families to attend which might just be the target audience you’re looking for. Trick-or-treating is another fun fall event that can spread the word about your property. Host a party, do a giveaway, or even try a trunk-or-treat event in the parking lot. If your properties are pet-friendly, consider hosting a Halloween pet contest that is promoted on your social media pages. Encourage your tenants to “like” their favorite photos and offer a prize to the pet that wins. As a side bonus, you may be able to collect the voters’ emails during the contest and send them future newsletters as a marketing campaign.

The cooler temperatures of fall are often the time when cities host local fitness and charity events. Contact your chamber of commerce to find out about any upcoming events and inquire whether you can set up a table promoting your properties. This is also the perfect time to hand out property swag such as water bottles and lanyards with your contact information on them.

A discussion about fall marketing can hardly be had without talking about the biggest demographic of potential renters – college students. If student housing is abundant in your area, standing out is imperative. Do some research and find out the needs of the students in your area and do your best to meet those needs. For example, if student transportation is an issue, partner with a bus company to offer discounted rates to your renters. While students need transportation, they also need places to go. College students make up the biggest audiences at sporting events and music festivals. Large gatherings of students equal lots of marketing opportunities to promote your properties at events such as these.

Find innovative ways to promote your property. Younger generations equate creativity with professionalism so find creative methods to promote your business both online and on paper. In fact, promoting your properties online is essential. 1 billion people use Facebook daily so don’t miss the opportunity to utilize this platform. Consider creating a private Facebook page for your residents to be able to ask questions and meet other tenants. You might also post photos in albums organized by floorplan.

However, you choose to reach potential tenants, be sure to utilize every resource available to you and highlight what makes your properties unique.