Smart Girl Dawn Ford CPM, HCCP

Dawn’s exceptional display of integrity and quick thinking in the face of a bomb threat highlights her outstanding dedication to the safety and well-being of those in her care. When Dawn received a disturbing voicemail alerting her to a bomb planted in one of the buildings under her management, she immediately alerted her supervisor. However, her supervisor instructed her not to create a panic among the renters and not to contact the authorities.

Despite her supervisor’s orders, Dawn believed it was the right thing to do to contact the police and to calmly inform the renters about the situation.

Although the police did not have a bomb-sniffing dog, Dawn didn’t give up. She reached out to the local army base, Fort Carson, who sent a squad to sweep the buildings. Dawn then personally went suite by suite to inform each renter about the situation and the precautions being taken.

Thanks to her efforts, there was no bomb and the renters were grateful for her quick and calm response.

However, Dawn’s job was put in jeopardy as her supervisor accused her of insubordination. Despite this, Dawn’s actions spoke for themselves as she received numerous calls and thank-you cards from the renters she had helped. Her supervisor eventually recognized the value of her actions and backed off the insubordination claim, thereby saving Dawn’s job.

In summary, Dawn’s actions in the face of a bomb threat demonstrated her commitment to the safety and well-being of others, and her integrity in doing what was right even when it was difficult. It is for these reasons that she is truly deserving of recognition and praise.