Outreach Marketing is taking businesses to far-reaching heights. Active neighborhoods with a variety of restaurants, services, and amenities are becoming the standard for renters. It is vital that your apartment community to not only be an expert on what businesses are in the area but for you to be an active participant.

Local businesses are the best places for your apartment community to partner. All that your communities would have to do is approach some of these places with ideas to partner and promote to really help connect you to the neighborhood and get your referrals.

  • Cafes and bars: Many cafes and bars carry city guidebook or local map. Try to feature your apartments there and include colorful images, contact number and other details that you wish to offer. Cafes are often the places where local and outsiders come for meetings or to work. Find a way to stand out in your local cafes and bars to get visitors interested in your property.
  • Local event sponsorship: If there is a market or carnival happening, then participate in it actively. These events could be the St. Patrick’s day, or the Veteran’s day, or even any local activity. Meeting the organizers and suggesting that you would sponsor the trophies or food or even handle the stage decoration would help your brand to gain exposure. Sponsorship in local events would be a great stage for your business to the locals as they will truly appreciate your commitment to the community.
  • Collaborating with Interior Designers: It works both ways and can be mutually beneficial too. If there is a promising interior designer or a designer who caters to only the type of clients you deal with, why not get him in the loop? If he or she has a website or their portfolio, ask them to slip in a word or two or even show your apartments alongside.
  • Salons and Spas: When a person visits spa or salon, they have a lot of time to spare while they sit there. How would you like to make the most of their free time by having them to read through your apartment complex marketing materials or community freebie you created? This is great since the salons also have magazines on display for casual reading. Do not miss to add the local map of your apartment complex along with the images just so that they get a fair idea of the apartment location.
  • Local Chambers: Almost all communities have a local chamber of commerce dedicated to building and promoting the community. Become a member and offer host a meeting or event at your property. You will be amazed at how many new potential renters will show up and become interested in what you have to offer as their potential new home.

Your local community is a hidden gold mine. Connect, support and entrench yourself in it and they will support you back.