As a property manager, you are always coming up with ways to engage your residents. Sometimes, that’s easier than others depending on the time of the year and the size of your budget. One often overlooked area in planning residential events is sports. Although not every resident will be a sports fan, any team activity is a great way to engage all types of residents. With 2019 Major League Baseball opening day right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to get your residents involved in a little friendly competition. With 30 national major league teams this can be a perfect month-long event that is sure to be a home run with your residents.

Baseball Season Celebration

If you have a large community space set aside one evening or a day during the weekend for an opening day celebration. Rent a big screen TV or use a projector if you have one to watch a game. Serve baseball-themed snacks like hot dogs, Cracker Jacks and snow-cones. Better safe than sorry, and due to the prevalence of food allergies leave the peanuts at home. You can even have tickets to make the event seem more like being at a real game. Invite your residents to wear their team’s jersey or colors and maybe even offer a small prize for the person who comes closest to guessing the final score. If you have a large outdoor area you could move this baseball party outside, weather permitting.

Decorate With Baseball Memorabilia

Some residents prefer more passive activities. For those who stay away from crowds and large activities offer a different way to get involved. You would be surprised at the sports memorabilia that might be hiding away in closets and garages. Send out an email asking your residents to borrow any baseball items they would be willing to put on display for a month. It could be a jersey, a signed baseball, hats, baseball cards – anything to decorate your leasing area or lobby for the baseball season.

Host a Resident Game

If the weather is nice, consider hosting a resident game of baseball. Former high school athletes can relive their glory days in a friendly game of resident baseball. This is a great way to engage families too. Offer light refreshments and snacks and maybe rent a bounce house for the kids. After the adults play, have them help the kids organize a quick game of their own. The winning team could get baseballs or a coupon for ice cream cone from a local restaurant.

Raffles and Drawings

You can do simple raffles and drawings throughout the month as a way to engage residents who stop by the leasing office. Have them guess how many candy baseballs are in a jar or raffle off tickets to watch a local game. A fun way to draw out the suspense is to have the residents enter a guess as to who will win the World Series. The residents who chose the winning team win a prize such as a coveted parking spot or some money off rent.

Get the Community Involved

If your community is large enough, you likely have either a minor league team or at least a college or high school baseball team. Reach out and see if they would be willing to donate some tickets or even have a few players come and make a special appearance at one of the baseball-themed events you’re hosting this month.

Batting Cages

If there are batting cages nearby, see if you can arrange discounted entrance and offer that savings to your residents. Families will be sure to appreciate this gesture especially as the weather warms up and they are looking for family-friendly outdoor activities.

Baseball truly is the all-American pastime. Not only is this an easy theme to pull together quickly and inexpensively, but it’s a guaranteed conversation starter and a way to strengthen the relationship between yourself and your residents.