Atta Boy Smart Guy Cal!

by Feb 5, 2016

We here at the newly opened OH! Smart Apartment Solutions and IN! Smart Apartment Solutions are so excited to be here in your markets with hands-on, result oriented, tested and true smart apartment solutions.  A little bit about us and our journey, this story takes us back to seven-years ago, in 2009, just one-year after opening the doors of Smart Apartment Solutions in Ann Arbor, MI.  Wanting some additional input around the Smart Think Tank, now renamed Smartquarters, we reached out to the nearby place of academia, Pioneer High School and requested the marketing professor, Mr. Baublit, recommend an outstanding student to fulfill an intern position with the Smart Girls at Smart Apartment Solutions.  Well, recommend he did, he set history in motion by introducing us to the bright, capable, well-mannered, smart and very likeable, Callaghan Wise.  Mind you, at this point in his life, Cal was fifteen years old and didn’t drive.  Rain, sleet, hail or snow, this young man reported to work.  Some evenings, when he had completed his tasks, we would give Cal a ride home, but most days, he hoofed it toand from work.  Pioneer High School was about two miles from our office.  That was just the beginning of the strong impression this marketing prodigy left on us.  After getting to know a little bit about Cal, we found out that he LOVED football, really, sports of any kind.  In fact, Cal gave up high school football to take on the internship with us.  I will never forget his infamous statement, very politely, mind you “Ladies, you just don’t understand, I love football…”  But this bright young man knew destiny held something far more resonating in store for this ambitious and hard-working teenager.  Cal was an active participant of DECA and pulled from his real life experiences gained at Smart for his competitions within that organization.


After three years of working with us as one of our high school interns, Cal expanded his responsibilities and would work each summer until he left us to go pursue academic studies at MSU.  During his time at MSU, Cal would return each and every school break and eventually took on some our reputation management posts, and he has grown into a very good business writer.  Cal graduated from Michigan State University with his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in December of 2015 and we were all so proud of this accomplishment.


From his first party in a box, representing at the Ann Arbor Sports Nation, his first sales pitch, organizing our staffer appreciation day, taking over the office so that the Smart Girls could have a vacation, to your eventual partnership in our newest venture, you have touched us all with your abilities, your intelligence, your calm demeanor but most of all…your heart.  We are proud to turn the next page of the story that is Smart Apartment Solutions, as we collaborate on our newest creative adventure with you, we look forward to this leg of the next chapter.  Here’s to you Mr. Callaghan Wise and a long, long and successful endeavor unfolds and we look forward to watching you take the business and your new career to newest heights of smart.

atta boy[1] Cal going to MSU[1] Cal in new office copy Cal with his first party in a box CollegeSmartie Sakthi sports nation 4 SPORTS NATION 6 Team Smart

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