Job Hunting with Smart Apartment Solutions // You have a skill, we have the placements. Whether you are looking to get your foot in the door of an industry or you have a skill set and want to put it to work – we are Smart Apartment Solutions can help you with that!

Smart Apartment Solutions pride ourselves on having a database of Smart Staffers that we can recommend to our clients for short term and on going works. They are communities and businesses that need works done and need your skills.

When starting with Smart Apartment Solutions you go to our website or apply to the vacancy on any job sites that you may find us and then we start the process. We will take you through a process of vetting to clarify your skill set, your credentials, your workers comp, and your desired wants wants and needs within a work placement. Once we have established how you can help our clients we then match you up with a placement that fits your skill set and requirements as a Smart Staffer.

Best of all, if the placement works out really well and you like working with that community and client, and they like you too, then we can move to a Direct Hire arrangement. This is when your employment would be move into their hands directly and not through our agency as a proxy.