The ongoing training of your maintenance staff helps to maximise your staffs potential and gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to staff flexibility and ability. We know that you may already have well training staff on site but we also offer the ability for us to parachute someone in to help level up your staff on the fly.

Why keep learning on the job?

• It allows you to be more proactive in your role. Rather than sitting and waiting for good things to happen, you will have more energy to get yourself out there making them happen. Being proactive helps you to make decisions better and can help you take ownership of your performance and to take better control of your career progression.

• It helps you to set and achieve your key objectives. It will help you get to know who you really are and what is important to you at work. It helps define your values, beliefs and what you want to achieve. Having an improved focus on your objectives will enable you to use your strengths to achieve your goals.

• It keeps you motivated and gives you more confidence at work. Investing in workplace learning can keep you happy at work and help you to have a better sense of achievement. Being more motivated means you feel more inspired and will be more productive and enthusiastic at work. It helps you to be more focused, in control and to be more positive.

• It helps you to develop key skills and highlight any weaknesses. Its about taking the time and, making the commitment, to invest in your greatest resource – you. Learning at work will give you the opportunity to brush up on your weaker skills or develop yourself to work better. It will help you to grow and improve to be a better person and to be able to work more independently.