We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our services for ourselves and the communities we represent. That is why we do Mystery Shops with our Mystery Shoppers to learn our strengths and our weaknesses, and how to improve on them. We are always looking for Mystery Shopper participants so why not get in touch and help us improve your local communities today.

What Is A Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shoppers are hired as independent contractors by stores, financial institutions, restaurants, retail establishments, department stores, service providers, and other similar businesses in order to measure customer service, product quality, and the general environment of the aforementioned establishments. Their main responsibilities include making purchases and filing reports on their overall shopping experiences. Mystery Shoppers play an important role in meeting clients’ expectations by pretending to be ordinary customers while observing and determining various factors that might require improvement.

For most people, Mystery Shopping is a part-time job that provides a supplementary income, due to the fact that they get paid per finished job.