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The purpose of a vent pipe in a plumbing system is to

Most ballcock assemblies can be repaired with a ballcock repair kit

What can cause water pipes to vibrate and make noise

What safety precaution should be taken when using a torch inside or near a building

What kind of solder is used for potable water supply plumbing

The purpose of a P-Trap is to

PVC glue should be used in all plastic drain pipe compression joints to prevent leaks

Faucet stem seats are made out of brass and never wear out

You will find an over flow plate on a

A seat wrench is used on a

In the operation of a dual element (quick recovery) electric water heater

The most important safety device for all water heaters is

The dip tube has perforations in it so cold water fills evenly into the tank

A typical residential water heater element is rated at

If the pilot light on a gas water heater will not stay lit the following could be wrong

Which of the following should not be done if you suspect a gas leak

when installing a water heater you must have a shut off on the inlet and outlet of the tank

When replacing an element on an electric water heater the first step is

A thermocouple is used to

As a water heater is being filled up you should purge air from the tank

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles are used in kitchens, bathrooms and other potentially wet locations

When replacing a breaker you must use one that has an amp rating the same or higher than the one being replaced

An uninterrupted or continuous path for electricity to flow from one point to another is called

12 gauge wire is rated for what size breaker

Electrical resistance can be measured by

Which are the following statements about the "ground fault current interrupter" (GFCI) are true

If a receptacle has 1 red, 1 black, 1 white and 1 ground it usually indicates it is

If a fluorescent fixture makes a loud humming noise, the most probable cause is

When replacing a fused disconnect at the A/C condensing unit, what precaution should be taken

The device that turns on outdoor lighting when it gets dark out is

You receive a service request for a frost free refrigerator not cooling properly. Both fans are running but the evaporator coils are packed with frost. A possible diagnosis is

One surface element in an electric range will not get hot enough. What could cause this problem

An oven bake element reads 18 Ohms resistance. Is this a good element

A proper ground is made to a dishwasher when the water line is connected

You receive a service request on dishwasher that is leaking out the front panel. What could cause the leak

When you try to operate the disposal you find it hums but does not run. You should then do the following

Dryer runs and heats but will not dry the clothes, the likely cause is

Your new question!

A washer machine does not fill with water it is possible the problem is with the motor

If the condenser fan motor fails and the unit continues to run, it will cause

In a R-22 charged split air conditioning system a possible correct operating pressure is

What could cause a compressor to ice up

The large refrigerant line on a condensing unit is the suction line

All gas furnaces use a pilot light to ignite te burner

A heating unit does not operate, but when you jump the red and white wire at the thermostat and the heating unit works, which one of these controls is defective

What is the ideal PH reading in a swimming pool

What chemical should be added to lower the PH level

Prolonged PH imbalance is safe for plaster but can hurt metal parts

What is the result of pool water that has excessive amounts of stabilizer

Self closing and latching pool gates need to be inspected daily

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