Welcome Smart Staffer!

Welcome to the team Smart Staffers!

Did you know that over 80% of our Smart Staffers find permanent positions with our clients?

Let us know the goals you would like to reach in rental property management industry!

Here are three steps to complete the process to become a Smart Staffer!

1. Make sure you have applied for the position here

2. Schedule an interview with the Staffing Team here

3.Complete Background screening release form sent after your interview.

1. Register for online education here

2. Watch all videos in the Smart On-Boarding package

3. Pass all of the quizes related to the On-Boarding education

4. Complete the Maintenance Assessment or Office Assessment

1. Make sure all Empower HR/ Vensure paperwork is complete (payroll and I9)

2. Check out TimeCo access here and verify you can log in here 

3. Watch the Smart Staffer Expectations video below and then text us at (833)216-5965 to let us know that you are done!