Becoming A Communication Super Hero

August 27, 2018

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Becoming A Communication Super Hero…
Communication is the pillar of our personal and professional lives. With increasing access to technology, we find it more difficult fielding communication from multiple devices and platforms simultaneously; it has become increasingly difficult to effectively manage, leading us to communication pitfalls.

We need communication, without it we couldn’t accomplish things such as team cohesiveness, or having the ability to respond quickly; the success of our business depends on it.

Our future offices will need the following to thrive:
• Collaboration
• Transparency
• Defined roles and expectations
• The ability to keep EVERYONE in the loop 24/7

At Smart HQ, we have a growing team working remotely and we quickly found ourselves searching for solutions to help us work smarter. One notable app we use is Trello. Trello, a web/app combo allows you to create boards for projects, or in our case specific positions, one example is our Office Guru” board. This board has a plethora of links neatly sorted, to the items we utilize daily in and out of office such as, links to emails, how to check voicemails and transfer phones remotely, Google docs and sheets, to our office supplies order lists. Trello allows us to quickly cover team member’s duties when they are out, or keep the office running even when everyone is working in the field.

Using Trello makes collaboration manageable, but there is more required to becoming a Communication Super Hero, your company culture will have to support the idea of collaboration, transparency and open door policy.


August 27, 2018