Coaching & Workshops

SAS three pack

We do offer a monthly onboarding training in our office classroom that clients partake in with on-boarding and refresh training, that we loving refer to as our 3-in-1. This is a great option if you only have a couple of folks or looking for consistent training for new hires.

10am to 11:30am ABC’s of Leasing

We wrote this course to cover the basics of what folks are graded
on in a Mystery Shop.  We cover first impressions, completing the guest card, demonstrating the
brochure, touring, closing the sale and follow up. This course covers the full resident cycle and is a
great overall introduction or refresh on the industry.

11:45am-1:00pm It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Great Customer Service

This class focuses specifically in the impact of customer service in our industry and how it effects the bottom line.  This course covers what customer service is, who is doing good, and my most favorite part a real understanding that customer service training isn’t one and done, it’s something you practice and improve on in every single interaction with your customer.  Lastly we talk about body language and how to hone and use your Super Hero body language skills to positively impact the customer experience!  (Our maintenance staffers typically join us for this and FH, however many have said that they did take something from ABC’s of Leasing)

1:15pm-3:30pm Fair Housing=Happy Housing

When we authored this class originally in 2013 we partnered with Continental Management and shot 18 video scenario/reenactments with their staff on site.  8+ of those scenes are featured in the class and each and every month that we teach this class, a new conversation ensues.  This class covers practical applications on how to deal with whopperslike “What Kind Of People Live Here?” and Hoarding remedial action plans to name a few.  We have been told by many, that this is the first non-boring Fair Housing class they have taken, and that they take a lot away.

SMARKeting – Advanced Marketeer

Are you looking for marketing strategies beyond the basics? Then stop looking and start SMARKeting! Whether you are at a conventional or affordable property, lease-up, or even a distressed turn-around, Smart Apartment Solutions will give you the tools to:

  • Determine your community’s changing demographics
  • Build effective outreach methods to maximize synergy with businesses and
  • Create Amenities your residents actually want
  • Advance your community’s marketing presence and amplify your brand
  • Track, delegate, and manage projects

Understand marketing math and enhance communication with ownership SMARKeting Advanced Marketeer is perfect for all on-site professionals and those tasked with their communities occupancy, marketing and outreach efforts!

SMARKeting – Business Partner Edition

Are you looking for marketing strategies beyond the basics? Then stop looking and start SMARKeting! Whether you are a in the field salesperson, or a small business wearing many hats, Smart Girl Dawn and Smart Chick Megan will give you the tools to:

  • Determine your customers changing demographics
  • Build effective outreach methods to maximize synergy with other businesses
    and property professionals
  • Create value-ads that your clients actually want
  • Advance your business’s marketing presence and amplify your brand Track,
    delegate, and manage projects
  • Understand marketing math and enhance communication with upper

SMARKeting – Business Partner Edition is perfect for all Business Partner professionals that are tasked with their companies branding, profitability, marketing and outreach efforts!

Survival Boot Camp – It’s A Jungle Out There

Do your teams struggle with balance, prioritization, critical thinking and time management with great customer service? Give your managers, leasing team & service teams the tools & problem-solving skills to not only survive, but thrive.

In this session, we share mock scenario videos that challenge even the savviest of the team members to lead the team to several possible winning scenarios. This session is a fan favorite for those new to the multifamily platform, while challenging the most skilled to hone those critical leadership skills during tense stressful and possibly hostile situations.

Survival Boot Camp is perfect for the on-site professionals looking to sharpen their critical thinking, time management, and dealing with difficult people skills.

Compliance & Marketing Can Be Friends

In the world of compliance, there often isn’t room for pizazz and sparkle, but that doesn’t have to be the basis for promoting your community. If you are looking for a session focused on the strengths of compliance and the necessity of marketing collaboration, the rainbow you dream about is on the horizon. In this session, participants will see how these two uniquely distinctive functions can harmoniously soar through communication, organization, and collaboration.

  • Do the verification forms used by your company market your apartment
  • Change the way you present the affordable program as a hammer to a hook
  • Phone presences that engage rather than intimidate
  • How affordable prospects want to communicate
  • Who is my communities’ competition?
  • Amenities affordable communities can afford

Unicorns do exist, or at least, we will have you believing that compliance gurus can be excellent marketeers. Live the dream!

No One Likes A Workplace Bully

Bullying isolates good employees, deterirates company culture and adversely impacts your bottom line, costing you time and money. Interact with experts who will discuss the potential detrimental exposure as well as the tolls workplace bullying can take on an organization. Having a clear understanding of how workplace bullying starts and takes place is a good first step in combating this challenge; but it’s only the beginning. Hear this and more ways to end workplace bullying, such as:

  • Diversity & Inclusion awareness
  • Understanding our conscious & unconscious bias
  • Understanding The Healthy Workplace Bill
  • Retain & attract quality talent

This topic is perfect for those thought leaders looking to bring awareness to their organizations.

Talent Mining

Are you still looking for diamonds when It comes to filling your open positions? Do you feel like you are always searching for candidates, always coming up empty-handed? There is a fundamental change happening, and it is affecting how we recruit, develop and retain our staff. Star talent of the future Is looking for more substance than just a place to work; they are looking for a place to connect, grow and lead. Let us shed some razor-sharp focus to this topic by discovering pure gold:

  • What is hot in talent recruitment
  • What attracts tomorrow’s leaders?
  • Developing raw talent
  • Unemployable vs. employment challenged
  • Hiring for passion, training for skill

This session is great for hiring managers and leadership responsible for changing the game in Multifamily talent!

EPA 608 Training

Smart Apartment Solutions has a handful of EPA certified technicians on their team that are able to teach and proctor the EPA 608 exam. Our technicians will walk through a 3 hour presentation that is designed to help your techs prepare to be tested and earn their EPA 608 certification. This certification is VITAL in the HVAC world as it is need to purchase, sell, and handle the refrigerants at your site.