Smart Services

Smart Examination

Much like a mystery shop, the Smart Examination is a fresh eyes approach to your on-site marketing efforts. Like most exams, the Smart Examination begins unannounced with a mystery shop of your leasing staff, followed by a telephone and internet inquiry about the apartment community with the inquiry leading to an appointment to tour the community. The Smart Examinor arrives for the appointment with a letter of introduction explaining the exam process. This methodology allows you to see things through the perspective of your customer. Items reviewed are, leasing presentation, signage, internet presence, print media and marketing collateral, outreach efforts and competitor positioning.

Get Smart Ideas

One of the Smart Girls will spend an intensive 1/2 or full day of one- on- one with your site staff brainstorming marketing and leasing strategies and new creative ideas. Get Smart Ideas combines training and development of new strategies at the site level, where it is most critical for the buy in of the ideas, for the implementation of these ideas to be successful and get you the results you desire.

Feel Smart Thesis

The Feel Smart Thesis is a thorough investigative report and action plan that takes a comprehensive look at the four P’s; people, product, price and promotion and offers sensible solutions. The thesis addresses where the property has come from in regards to previous marketing efforts; traffic numbers, conversion rates, closing ratios, rejection and cancellation rates all of which are computed to determine what numbers must be generated to achieve the occupancy required to meet the property’s objectives. Recommendations are presented on the four P’s that will achieve and sustain the property’s occupancy objectives.

Smart Applications

If it is a robust marketing plan or a piece of an overall marketing effort you are working with, the application of the various marketing components is where the rubber meets the road. The Smart Girls can provide the common denominator when it comes to that marketing equation you are solving. Whether you choose 1/2 or a full day, we can put your plan into action, provide resources, review collateral material, stage your model and provide that missing marketing piece… let us help you look smart.


Is your business in need of a memorable message and a smart way to communicate it? Smart Apartment Solutions is here to assist your business in identifying that message, producing a 60 second commercial and then targeting that commercial to your exact market all for a very smart, reasonable price.


Smart Apartment Solutions offers virtual staging. This allows you the ability to present your apartments (in whatever style you wish) in an easy, effective and low cost way that will add value and appeal to any space. The Smart Girls will customize your photos, add furniture and other touches to warm up and highlight the best aspects of any photo you have of your apartment space. This allows your customers to not only see the apartment space itself, but also helps them to imagine the space after they have moved in and added their own personal touches to the room.


Keeping the Smart Apartment Solutions core values forefront in our minds, building on the belief that a decision about one’s home is one of the most emotionally driven choices someone will make in their lifetime, all of the products and services offered by the Smart Girls embrace how the process of renting an apartment home makes you feel. Smart Apartment Solutions takes what you and your site teams do and supports them in doing business smarter and our approach to lease-up is unique and designed for a long-term positioning of your apartment community, one that will allow you and your site staff to sustain your occupancy and positioning long after the lease-up numbers have been achieved. Smart Apartment Solutions philosophy about lease-ups involves a marriage of marketing and leasing to ensure the results our clients demand. With a thorough understanding of your market, your potential customer and their buying trends, the Smart Girls will design a strategic marketing plan that delivers qualified traffic and to convert that traffic, we place one or more of our seasoned leasing professionals to work in conjunction with your existing site team to inspire the leasing process. Along with providing your community the necessary leasing presence, Smart Apartment Solutions will monitor the leasing activity to ensure the highest conversion and closing ratios possible.

In the case of the lease-up the Smart Girls directed in 2008, the asset, built in 1996, had been underperforming with an occupancy of 80% or below for a period of over two-years. Originally, the community was positioned to attract a more mature, senior customer. Upon the completion of the Smart Examination, the Smart Girls identified that the site staff was doing a whole lot right but the marketplace had changed. Unemployment in this particular market had reached 14% and during this same time, several new higher-end senior communities were built in this market. This ownership was smart and made the tough decision to do something about the vacancy loss burden they shouldered every month. The Smart Girls began the work to reposition the asset, driving in a different demographic and motivating and developing the site leasing team to improve their closing ratios. In a period of five months, the occupancy had improved 18%, closing the month out at 98% occupied.

In 2009, the Smart Girls directed another successful lease-up effort. Different scenario but the methodology was the same producing an increase of 30% occupancy in six months. With strong promotion efforts, aligning product with the demographics identified and working with the site team honing their sales skills, the result was higher occupancy and a re-position of an apartment asset with a reputation problem in a small community.

Making the decision to the commitment of resources to explore the possibilities is not a decision to be taken lightly. Just as there are no guarantees about anything that is market driven, what is proven fact is that the single focus on the leasing aspect will put your community in the best possible position to capture your share of the market. What makes our lease-up service so smart, is while other companies can provide the leasing, our lease-up service goes beyond that initial, critical stage. This is accomplished by collaborating with the community with a marketing strategy for the long-term with an emphasis on developing the tools and skills on-site to maintain a higher expectation. While each community and sub-market has its own unique nuisances, one constant is, making the decision to move forward is where it starts. SMART BLOG AMBASSADOR -marketing

Do you tweet? Does your community have a fan page on facebook? Should you? Do you know what your brand says about you? How about what your customers are saying about your brand? The fast-paced world of social media is constantly changing the way we do business, forcing us to adapt. Does this feeling of constant and fast change ever overwhelm you? Well don’t worry, you are all smart people and recognize that social media is here to stay as part of our everyday business experience. Today 90 percent of consumers rely on personal testimonials and only 14 percent believe in conventional advertising. Similarly, there are now more than 62 social networking sites (and believe us, this number will continue to rise in the coming years) The Smart Girls are here to help with all your social media needs. We have packaged all the social media “tools” you need to look smart and be smart all while creating a face for your brand. We are here to assist you in designing your brand’s presence on a social media platform, and help you to promote, maintain and grow your brand. From managing your comments on rating sites as well as networking sites and maximizing your social media presence to providing workshops and customizing your social media marketing plan, the Smart Girls can find a custom solution for you and your apartment communities!

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Smart Hires

Have you ever really sat down to figure out just how much time and money it actually cost your company to hire one new employee? By the time you post an expensive ad on the internet, shuffle through dozens of unqualified resumes, schedule interviews, perform background and criminal checks, you have already spent a lot of valuable time and money that could have flowed to the bottom line.

With unemployment rate still remaining at a high rate, there are hundreds of candidates competing for the same jobs. Often the job seeker is applying to any job that sounds interesting to them and that they are not necessarily qualified. The interviewing process can tend to be quite tedious, not to mention the lost time in productivity of upper management and lost revenue due to the lack of a full staff.

Smart Apartment Solutions can save you time and money by sending you only the top qualified candidates in the industry. Before you ever meet any of our Smart Hires, all of the pre- qualifying is already done for you. Each Smart Hires who is referred to you will have gone through a complete face-to-face interview with us. During the interview, we not only find out about their background and skills, but also what their short term and long term goals are, strengths, weaknesses and much more that will be pertinent to the hiring process.

Our Smart Hire service is rendered on a contingency basis, which means that it will cost you absolutely nothing to interview the qualified Smart Hires that we refer. Fees are paid only if a candidate enters into a service relationship with you or your affiliate within one year after our most recent communication relating to the Smart Candidate.

So what are you waiting for? Get Smart and let Smart Apartment Solutions start sending you qualified candidates today.


  • Save money on advertising and posting expensive internet ads.
  • Candidates have all been pre-screened.
  • We represent only the top experienced candidates in the industry.
  • Competitive fee schedule, 12-13% of the referred candidate’s base salary.
  • 90-day guarantee.
  • Every candidate has been through a formal face-to-face in person interview.
  • Think Smart with a Smart Staffer from Smart Apartment Solutions

Need to fill a chair with someone who thinks Smart? If your staffing needs are a day, a week or a longer-term assignment, Smart Apartment Solutions can provide you leasing professionals that are trained, polished and ready to produce. Our Smart Staffers have been Fair Housing trained and have gone through our own internal leasing training, the Get Smart Development Solution. Each Smart Staffer has had their previous employment histories verified, references and criminal background checked and an in person interview along with the completion of a skills assessment questionnaire.

We insist on a polished appearance so the leasing professional LOOKS Smart to your customers.

Dependent on the skill and experience level our Smart Staffer our leasing rates are:

Level I Smart $200 a day Brilliant, Level II Brilliant $225 a day, Level III Genius $250 a day

Smart Level I

This Smart Staffer will possess phone, touring, presentation, interviewing and closing skills.

Brilliant Level II

Level II Smart Staffers possess phone, touring, presentation, interviewing and closing skills and have some degree of property management experience.

Genius Level III

Level III professionals have had full charge property management experience as a Site Manager or higher.

Along with providing your community the necessary leasing presence, Smart Apartment Solutions will monitor the leasing activity to ensure the highest conversion and closing ratios possible.

For maintenance personnel our rates are as follows:

Level I Grounds $225 a day, Level II Maintenance Tech $250 a day, Level III Maintenance Supervisor $275 a day

Along with providing your community the necessary leasing presence, Smart Apartment Solutions will monitor the leasing activity to ensure the highest conversion and closing ratios possible.

Some of the benefits to Thinking Smart are:

Productivity is not compromised while you are interviewing potential candidates for your open positions.

Try on a candidate before you commit.

Achieve a single focus on leasing.

Smart Turns

The Smart Girls at Smart Apartment Solutions can provide you the skill sets needed with trained and experienced maintenance personnel that have the single focus of turning units over to you quickly and proficiently. We are able to do this by utilizing our Smart Staffers, as independent contractors, match them into teams, and provide you with a team that can handle all the varied tasks required to deliver your apartments in a speedy and efficient manner without sacrificing the assurance of a properly maintained apartment home, coupled with the added benefit of great customer service for your new resident on move-in day and long after. We will incorporate your communities internal punch list as the scope of work for the assignment, painting, cleaning and flooring excluded. Drywall repairs to be included are defined as nail holes and minor cracks. We estimate being able to turn an average of 3 apartments per day over to your operational team so that they can be shown on your inventory as ready.

With our backgrounds being in the apartment business, we understand that rental income lost is income never recaptured. Therefore, we understand the urgency and are prepared to work very quickly to line out one of our Smart turn teams and get your apartment homes ready quickly so you may start realizing a positive effect on your community’s bottom line.

Be Smart, work Smart and make a Smart Turn with Smart Apartment Solutions.