In today’s demanding marketplace, more is required of our service departments than the customary nuts and bolts. Understanding that the #1 reason your residents stay or go involves how satisfied the resident is with the level of customer service they received, specifically from your service department. Are you confident you have provided all the tools necessary for the service department to shine? Additionally, with the service sector of the apartment industry growth rate slated to increase 5% over the course of the next ten years, how are you preparing your service teams to handle the shortage of human capital and the paradigm shift of internal promotions, which requires the development of soft skills of time management, supervision, organization, inventory control and solid communication skills. With Get Smart with your service team curriculum, just like the buildings you manage, it will take more than the bricks and sticks to lay a solid foundation. Be it the technical, managerial or leadership skills, we are committed to providing the solid solutions to all of your service teams’ occupancy challenges. The Get Smart with your service team curriculum will provide hands-on, interactive training addressing the following soft skills:

  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Organization of workspace
  • Supervision
  • Task efficiencies
  • Industry best practices
  • Staff motivation and supervision
  • Setting priorities
  • Communication skills

Fair Housing = Happy Housing

Are you tired of the fear of going to court and spending money on lawyers, lawsuits, and settlements? Has Fair Housing become something that you fear rather than embrace? With this training, you can bet your bottom dollar you and your team will be up to date with the most comprehensive class available dealing with Federal, State, and Local Laws. Don’t gamble on this critical topic, the safe bet is knowing that your team has the knowledge and confidence to handle potentially detrimental scenarios comfortably and fairly.

Personal Safety in the workplace

Although we all want to believe people have good intentions, how do we ensure our own personal safety while working? With this workshop, we dive in to some easy ways to protect yourself while working in the office, out in the community and feel more comfortable in your environment.

Maintenance Leadership

Do you try to promote from within? However, how do you ensure they are capable of all the new tasks? With this course, we help you and your employees that transition easier and more effectively. Covering topics such as communication, time management, inventory control and employee relations.


Don’t be shocked that we are offering this workshop! Are you ever curious what a UL rating is? You will take away everything about AC to DC and between. This will include topics from the National Electric Code (NEC), State Codes, and the basics of overhead lines and meters as well as wiring, and circuitry.

Appliance Repair (The A, B, C’s)

Is your budget being turned upside down by replacing every appliance in the community? On the other hand, maybe the overly expensive appliance repairperson is misdiagnosing and causing return trips and angry residents. We offer a Three-part course to prevent this from happening. Teaching your team to properly diagnose and repair these appliances can save time and money while ultimately increasing resident satisfaction.

A. Kitchen Appliances

We will cover all kitchen appliances and major brands (i.e. refrigerator, stove, microwave/hood vent, dishwasher, and garbage disposal). Topics to be covered include order of operations per system, troubleshooting and diagnosis, common failures, and most importantly proper repair and preventative maintenance.

B. Laundry Appliances

We will cover all laundry appliances, major brands, gas, and electric (i.e. washer, dryer, stackable combos and even water heaters). Topics to be covered include order of operations per system, troubleshooting, common failures, and most importantly proper repair.


We will cover gas and electric forced air furnaces, radiant, and boiler heat as well as split systems and through the wall air conditioning and ending with chillers. Topics to be covered include order of operations per system, troubleshooting, common failures, and most importantly proper repair.


We will cover gas and electric forced air furnaces, radiant, and boiler heat as well as splitThis course will take you from clean to dirty while leaving your team more refreshed than ever. In this course, we start with main lines and meters flowing right into faucets, showers, and toilets. Then we pour down drains and into the sewer. Ensuring every attendee comprehends where it’s coming from and where it’s going and what repairs we may encounter along the way.

Mobile Maintenance

Service professionals will tell you that great tools are imperative to getting a job done right. What we may not know is how technology can impact our bottom line. To meet today's customers' expectations, service teams are integrating the use of tools, software and apps on smart devices like iPad’s, and smart phones. With utilizing smart phones and or tablets, users should expect a 45% increase in productivity resulting in a more efficient and more effective service team. This session will show you how to integrate the newest applications into your daily routine, managing devices and deadlines. Whether you are a service technician, supervisor, or service trainer, this session is for you!

Leasing with an iPad

Finding it difficult to keep up with today’s mobile technology? Purchasing a n iPad is only half the battle, but how do you adapt to this change in the leasing point of sale? We will show you how to conduct the entire sales presentation from phone call to lease signing with your iPad. Social Networking for Smarties 1,586 people surveyed, 95% reported using the internet socially, is your community ahead of this curve? Where to start and how do you effectively manage your internet footprint all on a limited financial and time budget.

Outreach for Smarties

99% of communities say they conduct outreach regularly but only 1% does it effectively. A fun & interactive workshop that demonstrates customer buying habits, how to create synergy, & how to create marketing pieces that will do the work for you!

“You had me at hello” “Happily ever after” Looking for effective ways to communicate, follow up & retain today’s clients? This workshop is no fairytale. Give your dream team essential skills on leasing, follow up & retention.

Smart Knowledgeology

Text messaging, smart phones, does all this new technology makes you feel like a dummy? If so this workshop is designed to help you gain cutting edge smart-know-ledge-ology on all these new technologies.

Reputation Marketing

Do your communities’ ratings have you down? “It can take a life time to build a good reputation, and only a moment to lose it.” Learn how to monitor & manage your reputation with today's technologies and real-life strategies & understand the difference between having & earning a reputation.

OPT Smart Apartment Turns

25% of new residents make their decision to renew based on the condition of their apartment on move-in day? Does your service and leasing team have the tools it takes to utilize this valuable marketing opportunity? In this hands on workshop you will learn how to Organize, Prioritize, & build Teamwork skills to turn apartment homes efficiently.

SMARketing the Smart Approach to Apartment Marketing

Do you understand the 4 P’s of Marketing? Does your community demonstrate the right message to your customers? Get on the right track with the smart approach to marketing on a budget.

Customer Service for Smarties

Are you easy to do business with? Learn what your customers want & how to maximize your skills to give the best customer service & gain and retain your share of the market.


It’s a jungle out there! Do your teams struggle with balance, prioritization, and time management with great customer service? Give your managers, leasing team & service teams the tools & problem solving skills to not only survive, but strive.

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SMART Coaching and Mentoring

With the assistance of Robert Gould, Smart Apartment Solutions can help your property by working with members of your staff, to develop the skills of your employees that are specific to your community’s needs. Robert is certified in many areas of technical skills, including EPA, CPO and numerous other facets of maintenance and management.

A day of Smart tools class is included with each maintenance related Smart Hire that Robert will facilitate to ensure the success of your Smart Hire investment. This day of training is priced at $750, which we find to be a reasonable and smart investment within the big picture of successful site operations. It has been established that the costs of the recruiting and hiring process of a new staff member equates to roughly 30 percent of their annual base pay. Are you interesting in protecting and ensuring this big investment? The first few weeks of employment are critical in setting the stage for success within this new valuable relationship. The Smart Tools is a very effective and reliable way to ensure that the first few weeks go smoothly.

“Fair Housing is a serious subject, but we were able to laugh a little and be entertained while maintaining focus on the learning objectives.” Gary Offenbacher, Executive Vice President, Continental Management
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