Smart Apartment Solutions is a marketing company that supports the multi-family apartment industry. The products and services that are the backbone of Smart Apartment Solutions takes what your site teams do and supports them in doing business smarter. The Smart Team has perfected the following services to provide you with effective and creative solutions when it comes to all of your apartment marketing needs.

  • Marketing Reviews
  • Marketing Action Plans and Implementation
  • Mystery Shops
  • Outreach Marketing Plans and Implementation
  • Apartment Turn and Make Ready Services
  • Temporary and Permanent Staffing
  • Lease-Up
  • Educational Workshops

These services were developed and built on the belief that what makes a home is about how it makes you feel. Smart Apartment Solutions is excited and proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals that share the same vision. We offer our clients high standards, competitive pricing, professional and ethical practices, innovative products, marketing savvy and practical business sense that supports successful results. If you are looking for a team that understands improving apartment occupancy, marketing temporary property management staffing, Smart turn teams that average three apartment turns a day, direct hire of property management leasing, maintenance and management personnel and has a successful track record in lease-ups, consider a team that knows what it takes to deliver an increased bottom line and can implement results then make the smart choice…. Any other choice just would not be smart.


Dawn Ford

Dawn’s personal credo is” I am not the boss, I’m just bossy”. Dawn’s need to be an overachiever started early on; after graduating from Ferris State University with three degrees, serving as President of Phi Gamma Nu and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, regularly being on the Dean’s List, she began following her passion, the apartment industry. With 30 years of experience in property management operations, honing her marketing skills by handling lease-ups in five different states simultaneously, Dawn has one of those right brain left brains where she is a free and creative thinker while never losing site of the complexities of the implementation and effects on the site operations.

Dawn’s self described strength is selling and inspiring change and her out of the box thinking supports her outstanding track record of business successes as evidenced by her previously owning a successful management firm and the unique business philosophies on which Smart Apartment Solutions was founded.

Others describe Smart Girl Dawn as light hearted, hard headed and heavy handed but she says she is more of a Smart aleck. Dawn believes people set their own worth and some say she values herself highly. Dawn holds the CPM and Housing Credit Certified Professional designations and has received awards such as Property Manager of the Year, has served as President of the IREM Chapter #53 for two different terms, leading the chapter to the Chapter of the Year award given by the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Dawn has held positions from on-site manager to Regional Vice-President of a mid-size management company in CO, OH, IL, IN and MI. Hailing from Smart Apartment Solutions, Dawn and her team take what your site teams do and help them to do business smarter by building on the belief that what people remember is how you make them feel.

Dawn is mother of Megan, a chip off of the old Diva, and workaholic at Smart Apartment Solutions. Dawn is a tap dancer and teases that she is almost a professional, is a beginner at playing her baby grand piano and she stamps her own greeting cards.

Megan Orser

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”
Michael Caine

The first 20 years of her life, Megan spent in beautiful Colorado. The daughter of self starter, Dawn Ford, Megan works hard and has successfully paved her own way into the apartment industry. Megan has embodied many of Mom’s business principles and believes that honesty and a positive self worth supporting true leadership is the best business philosophy and this is evidenced by her mature, common sense approach to problem solving. After high school, Megan found her way north where she spent two years at the University of Northern Colorado during at which, she studied marketing and advertising.

After her sophomore year of college, Megan followed her mother back to her hometown of Owosso, Michigan, and started at the University of Michigan. Through- out college, Megan interned with a Marketing company in the Metro Detroit Area as a Marketing Assistant as well as Leasing Specialist and during the 1 and ½ years of being assigned to a lease-up, maintained an exceptional closing ratio of over 83%. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications and a Minor in Marketing, Megan accepted a position as the Director of Marketing and Leasing with direct responsibilities over 1,000 units.

Megan spent the next couple of years working as a trouble shooter in Marketing and Sales assisting distressed properties in FL, IL and MI, as well as working alongside her mentor and mother Smart Girl Dawn. In 2012 Megan joined Smart Apartment Solutions full time as the Director of Professional Development with the authoring and instruction of the interactive workshops such as Outreach for Smarties, Maintenance Mobile, Leasing with an iPad, and SMARketing to name a few.
                                              - Megan Orser

Smart Guy Rob
“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Thomas A. Edison

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Robert gained extensive knowledge in construction and repair from his father, Randy Gould who also spent his career in the maintenance industry. Building decks, fences and varying home repairs were a regular occurrence in Roberts’ childhood. Robert was recruited into the apartment industry because of his diligent and tireless efforts as a contractor. Working as a maintenance technician in Southeast Michigan, Robert learned the business and skills necessary to succeed, lead and deliver results. After a few short years he earned a promotion to Maintenance Supervisor, all while pursuing a degree in Construction Management with emphasis on green technologies. After working on multiple sites from A+ to tax credit properties, Robert joined the “Smart” team at Smart Apartment Solutions as the Director of Technical Services. Since joining Smart, Robert has discovered he is passionate about sharing his knowledge in a way that is relatable giving real life examples that were developed and honed from his years in the field. Robert has also found he enjoys assisting clients throughout the nation on service related issues as well as coaching and mentoring of leadership skills. Robert is authoring “Smart” Classes such as Interoffice Communication related to Resident Satisfaction and the Time Management Myths in the Service Coliseum, as well as a maintenance-training curriculum for Technicians and Supervisors. Since joining Smart Apartment Solutions, Robert has worked on the site level to refine and gain insights to the Smart Turns process and helping to restructure the Smart Hire and Smart Staffing process.

Smart Intern Cal
My name is Cal and I have been a member of the Smart team since 2008 when I started as an intern in my sophomore year of High School. Since joining the Smart team I have been involved in a variety of projects with our clients including marketing consulting, mystery shops, temporary staffing just to name a few. Currently I hold the position of Lead Smart Intern where I over see, motivate and manage the Smart Intern Department. I am currently a student at Michigan State, studying Marketing and Business Management. I am an avid U of M football fan and also enjoy traveling with my family.